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Secretary of State for Northern Ireland: Quiz


Question 1: In 1982 a second Northern Ireland Assembly was established with the hope that it would eventually assume power, but this Assembly was prorogued shortly after the ________.
Social Democratic and Labour PartyThe TroublesNorthern Ireland peace processAnglo-Irish Agreement

Question 2: deputy First Minister: ________
Peter Robinson (politician)Northern IrelandArlene FosterMartin McGuinness

Question 3: The office was created following the suspension, then abolition, of the home rule ________ in 1972, following widespread civil strife.
OireachtasParliament of the United KingdomNational Assembly for WalesParliament of Northern Ireland

Question 4: The Secretary is responsible only to the Westminster Parliament and not the ________, even when the latter is sitting.
Committee for EducationNorthern Ireland AssemblyNorthern Ireland Assembly CommissionNorthern Ireland Assembly election, 2007

Question 5: Since the Conservative Party has not won any UK parliamentary seats in ________ since the establishment of the position, and the Labour Party has not stood in any elections there in this period, no Northern Ireland Office minister has ever represented a Northern Ireland constituency.
Irish peopleUnited KingdomScotlandNorthern Ireland

Question 6: In 1999 the new coalition government was established, consisting of a ________ and an inter-party cabinet.
Northern Ireland ExecutiveFirst Minister and deputy First MinisterNorthern IrelandJunior Minister (Northern Ireland)

Question 7: Secretary of State: ________ MP
Tessa JowellShaun WoodwardPeter HainPeter Mandelson

Question 8: The Secretary and the ministers of the Northern Ireland Office also perform many of the functions that would otherwise be carried out by the ________ if it is not in operation.
Northern Ireland AssemblyNorthern Ireland Assembly election, 2007Committee for EducationNorthern Ireland Assembly Commission

Question 9: The Secretary of State resides in Hillsborough Castle, the previous residence of the Governor the official government residence in ________ and exercise their duties through the Northern Ireland Office.
United KingdomNorthern IrelandScotlandIrish people

Question 10: The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland is the chief minister in the government of the United Kingdom with responsibilities for ________, at the head of the Northern Ireland Office.
Irish peopleScotlandWalesNorthern Ireland


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