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Secret identity: Quiz


Question 1: Some common ________ for a character to choose to have a secret identity include:
Social psychology (psychology)Abraham MaslowMotivationEducational psychology

Question 2: A character may have several types of secret identities simultaneously (such as adopted names, ________, undercover identities, and crime fighting codenames).
PoetryPseudonymThe Hardy BoysPen name

Question 3: Aliens, upon coming to ________, may choose to set up one or more secret identities as a learning tool.

Question 4: For example, in the television series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman[1], after ________ learns that Superman is Clark Kent, he discusses his dual identity with her.
Ma and Pa KentLois LaneLex LuthorJimmy Olsen

Question 5: Sometimes the distinction as to which persona is the "real one" may be blurred or confused, as has sometimes been the case with ________ and Superman.
Lois LaneJimmy OlsenKryptoniteClark Kent

Question 6: And ________ characters may benefit from an 'everyman' aspect through having a secret identity, giving them a sympathetic link to their audience.
Science fictionSuperhumanSuperheroTranshumanism

Question 7: A secret identity is an element of fiction wherein a character develops a separate persona (usually adopting a ________), while keeping their true identity hidden.
Stage namePen namePseudonymJoseph Stalin

Question 8: In an episode of ________, he is apparently hearing voices in his head, but he realizes they are an illusion rather than psychosis because the voices call him Bruce, and "that's not what I call myself in my head."
Batman: The Animated SeriesThe New Batman AdventuresBatman BeyondJustice League Unlimited

Question 9: ________ or The Shadow striking fear into criminals).
Copperhead (DC Comics)Superman/BatmanBatmanSuperman & Batman: Generations

Question 10: The character also may wear a disguise (ranging from ________ or a mask, to a complete costume).
CosmeticsHair removalL'OréalNivea

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