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Question 1: In 1790, one year before the metre was ultimately based on a quadrant of the Earth, ________ proposed that the metre be the length of the seconds pendulum at a latitude of 45°.
Victor, 3rd duc de BroglieCharles Maurice de Talleyrand-PérigordHugues-Bernard Maret, duc de BassanoFrançois Guizot

Question 2: In 1670 the seconds pendulum was employed by William Clement in his improved version of the original pendulum clock by ________, creating the longcase clock which could tick seconds.
Gottfried LeibnizOpticsIsaac NewtonChristiaan Huygens

Question 3: In 1660, the ________ proposed that it be the standard unit of length.
George PorterRoyal SocietyMichael AtiyahCopley Medal

Question 4: A seconds pendulum is a ________ whose period is precisely two seconds; one second for a swing in one direction and one second for the return swing.
Kater's pendulumEscapementPendulum clockPendulum

Question 5: This length was determined (in toises) by ________ in 1644.
Giovanni Pico della MirandolaPierre GassendiGalileo GalileiMarin Mersenne


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