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Question 1: There is also a secondary flow in the ________ along the floor of the river bed.
Fluid mechanicsBoundary layerDrag (physics)Navier–Stokes equations

Question 2: (An inviscid fluid is a theoretical fluid having zero ________.)
ViscosityFluid dynamicsSurface tensionRheology

Question 3: The basic principles of physics and the ________ satisfactorily explain that the direction of the wind in the atmosphere is parallel to the isobars.
Thermohaline circulationOcean gyreGulf StreamCoriolis effect

Question 4: This slow, widespread ascent of the air in a region of low pressure can cause widespread cloud and rain if the air is of sufficiently high ________.
Relative humidityWater vaporDew pointHeat index

Question 5: Their fluid motion is similar to tropical cyclones but on a much smaller scale so that the ________ is not significant.
Coriolis effectGulf StreamOcean gyreThermohaline circulation

Question 6: As with all ________ flow, the speed of the flow is fastest at the core of the vortex.
Lift (force)Fluid dynamicsVortexVorticity

Question 7: ________ and dust devils display localised vortex flow.
ThunderstormMeteorologySevere weatherTornado

Question 8: The pressure gradient also accounts for a secondary flow of the ________ in the water flowing across the floor of the bowl or cup.
Navier–Stokes equationsFluid mechanicsBoundary layerDrag (physics)

Question 9: In a region of high pressure (an ________) the secondary flow includes a slow, widespread descent of air from mid altitudes toward ground level, and then outward across the isobars.
High-pressure areaAnticycloneSynoptic scale meteorologyTropical cyclone

Question 10: These regions are usually in the vicinity of the boundary of the fluid adjacent to solid surfaces where viscous forces are at work, such as in the ________.
Drag (physics)Fluid mechanicsNavier–Stokes equationsBoundary layer


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