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Question 1: In ________ he rode inland with gauchos and saw them use bolas to bring down "ostriches" (rheas), and ate roast armadillo.
South AmericaPacific OceanAmericasPatagonia

Question 2: Although FitzRoy nearly rejected Darwin on the basis that the shape of Darwin's nose indicated a lack of determination (see ________), they found each other agreeable.
EuropeUnited StatesPhysiognomyPhrenology

Question 3: Arriving at ________ on 29 April, Darwin was impressed by the civilised prosperity of the French colony which had come under British rule.
DominicaCanadaSouth AfricaMauritius

Question 4: By chance they were greeted by the Englishman Nicolas Lawson, acting Governor of Galápagos for the Republic of the Equator, who accompanied them up to the ________.
Penal colonyAustraliaBermudaFrance

Question 5: The ________ sized head bought for two shillings near Mercedes was not a megatherium, but "as far as they can guess, must have been a gnawing animal.
Odd-toed ungulateSumatran RhinocerosIndian RhinocerosRhinoceros

Question 6: Darwin was then involved in arranging his own equipment and means for preserving specimens, seeking advice from his old mentor ________ amongst others.
Robert Edmond GrantPlinian SocietySir William Lawrence, 1st BaronetCharles Darwin

Question 7: [90] This idea was supported by the numerous soundings FitzRoy had taken showing a steep slope outside the reef with no living corals below 20–30 ________ (10–15 m).
Dutch languageGerman languagePolish languageFathom

Question 8: On 8 July they stopped at ________ for six days.
Saint HelenaBritish Virgin IslandsAnguillaCayman Islands

Question 9: Darwin and FitzRoy were agreed that missionaries had been unfairly misrepresented in tracts, particularly one written by the artist ________ which he had left on the ship.
New ZealandAugustus EarleEnglandUnited States

Question 10: Upon his return, Darwin was quick to take the coach home, arriving late at night on 4 October 1836 at The Mount House, the family home in ________.
ShrewsburyLudlowBridgnorthChurch Stretton


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