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Second law of thermodynamics: Quiz


Question 1:
When was the Second law of thermodynamics?
December 2008
December 2009

Question 2: with the ________ X reaching a minimum at equilibrium, when dX=0.

Question 3: The second law is a law about macroscopic irreversibility, and so may appear to violate the principle of ________.
T-symmetryPlanck epochTimeSpacetime

Question 4: A ________ is a mechanical device that provides useful work from the difference in temperature of two bodies:
Heat regenerative cyclone engineStirling engineHeat engineHot air engine

Question 5: Recall that ________ and temperature are statistical, macroscopic quantities that become somewhat ambiguous when dealing with a small number of atoms.
HeatEntropyInternal energyEnergy

Question 6: where G is the ________, G=U−TS+PV.
Statistical mechanicsEntropyGibbs free energyInternal energy

Question 7: It has been shown that not only classical systems but also ________ ones tend to maximize their entropy over time.
Schrödinger equationWave–particle dualityIntroduction to quantum mechanicsQuantum mechanics

Question 8: From the resulting Boltzmann equation he derived his famous ________, which implies that on average the entropy of an ideal gas can only increase.
Maximum entropy thermodynamicsEntropy (statistical thermodynamics)Ludwig BoltzmannH-theorem

Question 9: ________, as well as lack of specific conditions, e.g.
Big BangTimeRedshiftUniverse

Question 10: Gregory Hill and ________, Principia Discordia (1965)
Robert Anton WilsonDiscordianismEris (mythology)Kerry Wendell Thornley


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