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Second Triumvirate: Quiz


Question 1: Octavian illegally obtained Antony's will in July 32 BC, and exposed it to the Roman public: it promised substantial legacies to Antony's children by Cleopatra, and instructed that his body should be shipped to ________ for burial.
AlexandriaAncient GreeceGreeceAlexander the Great

Question 2: In 42 BC, Octavian and Antony set out to war, defeating Brutus and Cassius in two battles fought at ________.

Question 3: Both Antony and Cleopatra committed suicide in Alexandria, and Octavian personally took control of Egypt and Alexandria (Egyptian chronologies consider Octavian as Cleopatra's successor as ________).
PharaohHatshepsutAmenhotep IIIAhmose I

Question 4: The only other office which had ever been qualified "for confirming the Republic" was the dictatorship of ________.
PompeyAlexander the GreatLucius Cornelius SullaJulius Caesar

Question 5: The Triumvirate was legally established in 43 BC as the Triumviri ________ Constituendae Consulari Potestate ("Triumvirs for Confirming the Republic with Consular Power", invariably abbreviated as "III VIR RPC").
PrincipateRoman EmpireRoman EmperorRes publica

Question 6: Perhaps the most shocking proscription was that of Caesar's legate Lucius Iulius Caesar, Caesar's ________ (and Antony's uncle) and one of Caesar's closest friends.

Question 7: A master of ________, Octavian turned public opinion against his colleague.
PropagandaIndoctrinationAd hominemDisinformation


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