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Second Persian invasion of Greece: Quiz


Question 1: The Persian advance was blocked at the pass of Thermopylae by a small Allied force under King ________ of Sparta; simultaneously, the Persian fleet was blocked by an Allied fleet at the straits of Artemisium.
Ancient GreeceLeonidas IThemistoclesPindar

Question 2: [9] The Greco-Persian wars are also described in less detail by a number of other ancient historians including Plutarch, Ctesias, and are alluded by other authors, such as the playwright ________.
HomerAeschylusAncient GreeceSophocles

Question 3: [118] Directly before Artemisium, the Persian fleet had been caught in a gale off the coast of ________, losing many ships, but could still probably muster over 800 ships at the start of the battle.
MagnesiaKarditsa PrefectureEuboeaLarissa Prefecture

Question 4: At the ensuing ________, the Greek infantry again proved its superiority, inflicting a severe defeat on the Persians, killing Mardonius in the process.
Greco-Persian WarsBattle of PlataeaBattle of MycaleSecond Persian invasion of Greece

Question 5: [3][4] Nevertheless, Thucydides chose to begin his history where Herodotus left off (at the ________), and therefore evidently felt that Herodotus's history was accurate enough not to need re-writing or correcting.
Alexander the GreatAncient GreeceGreco-Persian WarsSecond Persian invasion of Greece

Question 6: Archaeological evidence, such as the ________, also supports some of Herodotus's specific claims.
Serpent ColumnGreeceAncient GreeceGreco-Persian Wars

Question 7: The invasion began in spring 480 BC, when the Persian army crossed the Hellespont and marched through Thrace and ________ to Thessaly, whose cities submitted to Xerxes.
Macedonia (ancient kingdom)Ancient GreeceAlexander the GreatClassical antiquity

Question 8: After Thermopylae, all of Boeotia and ________ fell to the Persians, who captured and burnt Athens.
CorinthGreeceAtticaAegean Sea

Question 9: It revolved around the ________, members of the middle-classes (the zeugites) who could afford the armour necessary to fight in this manner.
HopliteGreco-Persian WarsPhalanx formationAncient Greek warfare

Question 10: The Allied fleet had also withstood two days of Persian attacks at the ________, but when news reached them of the disaster at Thermopylae, they withdrew to Salamis.
Greco-Persian WarsBattle of SalamisBattle of ArtemisiumSecond Persian invasion of Greece


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