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Question 1: Hari SeldonDors VenabiliSalvor HardinHober MallowThe MuleArkady Darell________
Foundation universe charactersList of minor Foundation universe characters
TrantorList of Foundation series charactersEarth (Foundation universe)List of minor Foundation universe planets

Question 2: Search by the Mule was originally published in the January 1948 issue of ________ under the title Now You See It—.
Analog Science Fiction and FactAmazing StoriesScience fiction magazineAsimov's Science Fiction

Question 3: The book also noted that Hari Seldon was a social scientist, not a ________ one.
Particle physicsPhysicsQuantum mechanicsUniverse

Question 4: Search by the Foundation was originally published in the November and December 1949 and January 1950 issues of ________ under the title —And Now You Don't.
Asimov's Science FictionScience fiction magazineAmazing StoriesAnalog Science Fiction and Fact

Question 5: TrantorTerminusGaiaEarth
The Galactic EmpireList of Foundation universe planets________
List of minor Foundation universe planetsSiwennaAnacreon (planet)Comporellon

Question 6: Prelude to FoundationForward the FoundationFoundationFoundation and EmpireSecond FoundationFoundation's Edge________
Earth (Foundation universe)Foundation and EarthR. Daneel OlivawFoundation series

Question 7: It was first published in 1953 by ________.
Gnome PressIsaac AsimovFantasy PressE. E. Smith

Question 8: In Forward the Foundation, the original Second Foundation is revealed to also include Hari's own granddaughter, Wanda Seldon, and his bodyguard ________.
Earth (Foundation universe)TrantorList of Foundation series charactersList of minor Foundation universe planets

Question 9: The Second Foundation was actually located on ________, at the centre of the galaxy.
Terminus (planet)TrantorFoundation seriesEarth (Foundation universe)

Question 10: Second Foundation is the third novel published of the ________ by Isaac Asimov, and the fifth in the in-universe chronology.
Foundation and EarthFoundation seriesFoundation (novel)Foundation and Empire


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