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Second European colonization wave (19th century–20th century): Quiz


Question 1: The Portuguese and ________ were smaller, mostly legacies of past colonization.
British EmpireSpanish EmpirePortuguese EmpireHabsburg Spain

Question 2: This fear led to new alliances, and in 1904 the ________ was signed between both powers.
Scramble for AfricaFrench Third RepublicFranco-Russian AllianceEntente cordiale

Question 3: Leopold II of Belgium personally owned the ________ from 1885 to 1908, while the Dutch had the Dutch East Indies.
Congo Free StateBelgian CongoSecond Congo WarEarly Congolese history

Question 4: In France, the colonial empire was not used for massive emigration, as in the ________.
British EmpireBarbadosNauruInformal Empire

Question 5: China was opened to Western influence starting with the First and ________ (1839–1842, 1856–1860).
Boxer RebellionSecond Opium WarFirst Indochina WarSino-French War

Question 6: German colonies in Togoland, Samoa, South-West Africa and New Guinea had corporate commercial roots, while the equivalent German-dominated areas in East Africa and ________ owed more to political motives.
Religion in ChinaChinaProvince (China)Time in China

Question 7: After the ________ and the 1776 independence of the United States, the colonization was not quite finished.
American RevolutionVirginiaMassachusettsUnited States Constitution

Question 8: Colonies from the defeated empires were transferred to the newly founded ________, which itself redistributed it to the victorious powers as "mandates".
League of NationsUnited Nations DayUnited Nations Trusteeship CouncilParis Peace Conference, 1919

Question 9: The June 1967 ________ led to the occupation of various territories.
Six-Day WarYom Kippur War2006 Lebanon War1948 Arab–Israeli War

Question 10: Ethnological expositions — including ________, in which natives were displayed alongside apes, in an attempt to justify scientific racism and to popularize the colonial empire — had a crucial role in the popularisation of colonialism [1].
Carl HagenbeckHuman zooScramble for AfricaFrance


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