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Question 1: This took place on 24 June 1148, when the Haute Cour of Jerusalem met with the recently-arrived crusaders from Europe at Palmarea, near Acre, a major city of the crusader ________.
Kingdom of JerusalemBaldwin III of JerusalemCrusadesWilliam of Tyre

Question 2: Louis and Conrad and the remnants of their armies reached Jerusalem and, in 1148, participated in an ill-advised attack on ________.

Question 3:
What was Second Crusade a part of?
the Crusades
the Third Crusade
the Northern Crusades
the Aragonese Crusade

Question 4:
Where did Second Crusade take place?
Iberia, Near East , Egypt
Novu00FD Jiu010Du00EDn / Neu Titschein, present-day Czech Republic
Bismarck Sea, in the vicinity of Lae
Near Ru00E2mnicu Su0103rat

Question 5: The Germans planned to set out at ________, but did not leave until May.
ComputusEasterLiturgical yearJesus

Question 6:

Question 7: In December 1148, he captured Tortosa after a five-month siege again with the help of French, ________, and Genoese crusaders.
English peopleEnglandHeptarchyAnglo-Norman

Question 8: His forces then spread north to capture all but the capital cities of the Crusader States, precipitating the ________.
First CrusadeThird CrusadeSecond CrusadeCrusades

Question 9: [13 ] In May 1147, the first contingents of crusaders left from Dartmouth in England for the ________.
PalestineJesusJerusalemHoly Land

Question 10: The forces attacking Dobin included those of the Danes Canute V and Sweyn III, Adalbert II, ________, and Duke Henry the Lion of Saxony.
Bremen-VerdenJohn Frederick of Holstein-Gottorp, Prince-BishopSaxe-LauenburgArchdiocese of Bremen

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