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Second Chechen War: Quiz


Question 1: The Russian government failed to pursue any accountability process for ________ committed during the course of the conflict in Chechnya.
Reproductive rightsTortureCultureHuman rights

Question 2:
What is Second Chechen War's current status?
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*Restoration of Russian Federal controln*Ongoing low-level insurgency

Question 3: [22][23] The campaign ended the de-facto independence of ________ and restored Russian federal control over the territory.
Second Chechen WarShamil BasayevChechen Republic of IchkeriaFirst Chechen War

Question 4: Among other things, he removed First Vice-Premier ________ from his post (although later Zakayev was appointed a Foreign Minister[96]).
Second Chechen WarBeslan school hostage crisisAkhmed ZakayevMoscow theater hostage crisis

Question 5: The rebels said they lost at least 400 fighters in the ________ at Alkhan-Kala.
Cluster bombTrench warfareLand mineBunker

Question 6: The 1997 election brought to power the separatist president ________.
Dokka UmarovSecond Chechen WarAslan MaskhadovBeslan school hostage crisis

Question 7: In 1998, a ________ was declared by the authorities in Grozny.
PhilippinesUnited StatesSyriaState of emergency

Question 8: On December 1, 1999, after weeks of heavy fighting, Russian forces under ________ Vladimir Shamanov took control of Alkhan-Yurt, a village just south of Grozny.
BrigadierBrigadier GeneralMajor GeneralMilitary rank

Question 9:
When was the Second Chechen War?
Insurgency phase: June 2000 u2013 April 2009
First Phase: July 2006
Sept. 1999 u2013 Nov. 1999
December, 1942 u2013 May, 1943

Question 10: The Chechen separatist movement has taken on a new role as the official ideological, ________ and, probably, financial hub of the new insurgency in the North Caucasus.

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