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Question 1: The first overseas (off African mainland) camps were opened in ________, which ultimately received about 5,000 POWs.
AnguillaSaint HelenaBritish Virgin IslandsCayman Islands

Question 2: Another large source of volunteers was the uitlander community, many of whom hastily left ________ in the days immediately preceding the war.

Question 3: [53] The most famous and colourful character was Colonel Arthur Alfred Lynch, formerly of ________, Victoria, who raised the Second Irish Brigade.
Bendigo, VictoriaMelbourneBallarat, VictoriaGeelong, Victoria

Question 4:
How many casualties were there in the Second Boer War?
British casualties: 3443 killed in action and 6558 died of disease)
9,093 killed or died of disease
75,000 dead of disease
2,836 killed or dead of disease

Question 5: The ________ began, and was to last several months.
Siege of LadysmithBattle of LadysmithSecond Boer WarRelief of Ladysmith

Question 6: The negotiations failed, and in September 1899 ________ (the British Colonial Secretary) sent an ultimatum to the Boers, demanding full equality for those uitlanders resident in the Transvaal.
Joseph ChamberlainWinston ChurchillArthur BalfourWilliam Ewart Gladstone

Question 7: It lasted a further two years, during which the Boers raided targets such as British troop columns, telegraph sites, ________ and storage depots.
TransportRail transportTrain stationTrain

Question 8:
Where did Second Boer War take place?
Bergisel, south of Innsbruck, Austria
North Africa
South Africa
Van Tuong, South Vietnam

Question 9: The British also implemented a "________" policy under which they targeted everything within the controlled areas that could give sustenance to the Boer guerrillas with a view to making it harder and harder for the Boers to survive.
FortificationHill fortTrench warfareScorched earth

Question 10: At the ________ from 18 February to 27 February, Roberts then surrounded General Piet Cronje's retreating Boer army.
Siege of KimberleyBattle of MagersfonteinBattle of PaardebergSecond Boer War


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