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Question 1: ________
League of NationsPoison gas in World War IWestern Front (World War I)Aftermath of World War I

Question 2:
Who was a commander in the Second Battle of Ypres?
LtGen Harry M. Wyatt III
Albrecht of Wu00FCrttemberg
Sir Henry Lawrenceu2020
Col. Charles A. Beckwith

Question 3:
Where did Second Battle of Ypres take place?

Question 4:
Which of the following was a combatant in the Second Battle of Ypres?
* | British India
Pro-Bolshevik Ossetian rebels

Question 5: [8][9] While this is often recognized as the first use of ________, poison gases were used at several earlier battles, including the Battle of Bolimov three months earlier.
Military historyNaval warfareBiological warfareChemical warfare

Question 6:
How many casualties were there in the Second Battle of Ypres?
13 missing
35,000 dead, wounded, or missing
37 killed
100 ships sunk/captured, 20,000 sailors drowned/captured

Question 7: Published in Punch Magazine December 8, 1915, it is still recited today, especially on Remembrance Day and ________.
Independence Day (United States)ChristmasNew Year's DayMemorial Day

Question 8:
What was Second Battle of Ypres a part of?
World War II - the Second Sino-Japanese War
World War II
the Dodecanese Campaign of the Second World War
the Western Front of the First World War

Question 9: The 2nd ________ Battalion suffered heavily, incurring hundreds of casualties and with no respite took part in the next two subsidiary battles at Frezenberg and Bellewaarde.
Royal Dublin FusiliersIreland and World War IRoyal Munster FusiliersConnaught Rangers

Question 10: Without prior ________, the battalions ran into obstacles half way to the objective and drew heavy automatic weapons fire from the Wood, prompting an impromptu bayonet charge.
Special reconnaissanceReconnaissanceUnited States Marine Corps Force ReconnaissanceUnited States Marine Air-Ground Task Force Reconnaissance


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