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Question 1: Census Bureau, ________ made up 71.1% of Seattle's population; of which 64.9% were non-Hispanic whites.
German AmericanWhite AmericanEuropean AmericanItalian American

Question 2: [157] SAM also operates the ________ (opened 2007) on the waterfront north of the downtown piers.
Bagley WrightMimi Gardner GatesOlympic Sculpture ParkSeattle

Question 3:
What is the leader of Seattle called?

Question 4: Despite being on the margin of the ________ of the Olympic Mountains, the city has a reputation for frequent rain.
Oceanic climateOrographic liftRain shadowPrecipitation (meteorology)

Question 5: [181] In 2005, ________ ranked Seattle as the most expensive American city for buying a house based on the local income levels.
Fast Company (magazine)Bloomberg BusinessWeekForbesBarron's Magazine

Question 6: In addition, all precincts in Seattle voted for Democratic Party candidate ________ in the 2008 presidential election, including the two precincts who had previously voted Republican in 2004.
2004 Democratic National ConventionJohn Edwards2008 Democratic National ConventionBarack Obama

Question 7: Violence during the ________ cost Seattle much of its maritime traffic, which was rerouted to the Port of Los Angeles.
International Longshore and Warehouse Union1934 West Coast waterfront strikeBloody SundayHarry Bridges

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Question 9:

Question 10:

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