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Searl Effect Generator: Quiz


Question 1: ________ – A bright, silvery rare-earth metal used as a Collector of free electrons on an open system and functions as a base or reservoir of free electrons.

Question 2: In addition this source confirms Searl's claim of being a victim of the ________.
Global warming conspiracy theoryConspiracy theoryFree energy suppressionAIDS denialism

Question 3: The Searl Effect Website, from John Thomas of ________
Rochester, New YorkSyracuse, New YorkBuffalo, New YorkMonroe County, New York

Question 4: The webpage of the ________ does not list the authors or the paper.
Russian Academy of SciencesMoscowNational Academy of Sciences of UkraineSiberia

Question 5: ________ – acts as an Emitter of high velocity electrons sourced from the Neodymium and develops the eddy currents that set up a magnetic coupling between stator and rollers.

Question 6: ________ or Nylon 66 – said to act as a Gate or regulator of electron pairs migration to the next layer.
NomexPolytetrafluoroethyleneDuPontWallace Carothers

Question 7: It is also claimed that when the device achieves superconductivity[3] it generates a type of ________ effect.
Anti-gravityGravitationGeneral relativityUnited States gravity control propulsion research (1955–1974)

Question 8: It is said to function with same principles of a ________ (induction) with multi-phase rollers riding on a magnetic bearing[2].
Linear motorElectric motorDirect torque controlElectrical generator

Question 9: In December 1946, with all of the magnetic components manufactured to his specifications, he assembled the generator in his residence at 30 Crawley Rd, Haringey, ________.

Question 10: He further claimed that at threshold speed, the device maintained its rotation with no additional energy input from the peripheral ________ as the generator converted ambient sources energy for drive with the generated electrical currents.
Magnetic fieldTransformerInductorElectromagnet


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