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Sean Waltman: Quiz


Question 1:
  • ________ (1 time)[17]
    TNA X Division ChampionshipA.J. StylesSamoa JoeTotal Nonstop Action Wrestling

Question 2:
Which of the following names does Sean Waltman go by?
Kid Flash
The Honey Comb Kid
The Lightning Kid
Disco Kid

Question 3:
What role did Sean Waltman play in the TV series WWF Breakdown: In Your House?
Billy Gunn
The Undertaker

Question 4: [4] While he was out injured, he was fired by then WCW President ________ as a show of force to keep Hall and Nash in check due to locker room instability caused by the three.
Hulk HoganEric BischoffKevin NashRic Flair

Question 5: [9] On October 9, 2002, Waltman made his X Division debut, defeating six other wrestlers to win the vacant ________ in a ladder match.
Total Nonstop Action WrestlingSamoa JoeA.J. StylesTNA X Division Championship

Question 6: [16] On August 25, 2002 Raw commentator ________ announced that WWE and Waltman had parted ways.
Jim RossTony AtlasDusty Rhodes (wrestler)Jerry Lawler

Question 7: He continued using the 1-2-3 Kid name until his departure for ________ (WCW) in 1996.
World Wrestling EntertainmentAmerican Wrestling AssociationWorld Championship WrestlingExtreme Championship Wrestling

Question 8:
Where was Sean Waltman born?

Question 9: Waltman appeared, sitting at ringside, during a live episode of ________ on September 16, 1996.
Monday Night WarsHulk HoganEddie GuerreroWCW Monday Nitro

Question 10:
When did Sean Waltman make his debut?
Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1
Captain Britain #1
Flash Comics #1

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