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Question 1: There is evidence that seals were hunted in northwest Europe and the ________ more than 10,000 years ago.
Baltic SeaBlack SeaNorth SeaArctic Ocean

Question 2: [26] Today, commercial sealing is conducted by only five nations: ________, Greenland, Namibia, Norway, and Russia.
United StatesCanadaUnited KingdomBarbados

Question 3: [44] However in southern ________ and off Newfoundland's northeast coast, there was extra heavy ice in 2007, and the coast guard estimated that as many as 100 vessels were trapped in ice simultaneously.
IqaluitNewfoundland and LabradorLabradorNewfoundland (island)

Question 4: [106] The Canadian government responded to the move by stating that it will take the European Union to the ________ if the ban does not exempt Canada.
World Trade OrganizationWorld Trade Organization accession and membershipSwitzerlandUnited States

Question 5: [35] Meat is sold to the Asian pet food market; in 2004, only Taiwan and ________ purchased seal meat from Canada.
SeoulNorth KoreaKorean PeninsulaSouth Korea

Question 6: Lawrence's sealing grounds, and spoke out against the seal hunt, including as guests on ________, where the two debated with Danny Williams, the Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador.
Anderson Cooper 360°The Situation RoomLarry King LiveCNN

Question 7: ________'s novel The Sea Wolf takes place aboard "the schooner Ghost, bound seal-hunting for Japan" circa 1893.
Oakland, CaliforniaJack LondonRobert E. HowardIna Coolbrith

Question 8: Seal oil was often used as lamp fuel, lubricating and ________, for processing such materials as leather and jute, as a constituent of soap, and as the liquid base for red ochre paint.
SoybeanCooking oilOlive oilMargarine

Question 9: In 2005, the ________ (HSUS) called for such a boycott in the United States.
Humane Society of the United StatesDirofilaria immitisRabiesHumane Society International

Question 10: In March 2006, ________ traveled to Ottawa to protest the hunt, though the Prime Minister turned down the request for a meeting.
John LennonPaul McCartneyBrigitte BardotNicolas Sarkozy

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