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Seahorse: Quiz


Question 1:
What classis does Seahorse belong to?

Question 2:
What genus does Seahorse belong to?

Question 3:
What is the genus authority of Seahorse?
Cabanis, 1851
Swainson 1836
Cuvier, 1816
Malloch & Cain

Question 4:
What period does the fossils of the Seahorse come from?
Lower Miocene to Present
Pennsylvanian, - Lower Triassic)
Upper Oligocene - Lower Miocene
Lower Jurassic u2013 Recent

Question 5: Three different species of seahorse live in the ________: Hippocampus hippocampus (long snout), Hippocampus brevirostris (short snout) and Hippocampus fuscus (immigrated from the Red Sea).
Mediterranean SeaAtlantic OceanIndian OceanPacific Ocean

Question 6: Seahorses eat small shrimp, tiny fish and ________.
PhytoplanktonZooplanktonPrimary productionPlankton

Question 7:
What kind of animal is a Seahorse?

Question 8: The seahorse mascot was chosen because the hippocampus, a part of the ________ that is vulnerable to damage from epileptic seizures, resembles a seahorse in shape.
Nervous systemDigestionSensory systemBrain

Question 9: Longsnout seahorse, Hippocampus reidi Ginsburg, 1933 (________ coral reefs)
Latin AmericaAmericasNorth AmericaCaribbean

Question 10: Pacific seahorse, Hippocampus ingens Girard, 1858 (________ coast of North, Central and South America)
Arctic OceanIndian OceanAtlantic OceanPacific Ocean

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