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Question 1: Oil-rich fish such as mackerel or herring are full of long chain ________ oils, also found in every cell of the human body.
Mood disorderOmega-3 fatty acidBupropionAntidepressant

Question 2: [3] While some seafood ________ keep live fish in aquaria for display purposes or for cultural beliefs, the majority of live fish are kept for dining customers.
World Tourism rankingsHotelRestaurantTourism

Question 3:
Who played Kissed man on street the movie Seafood?
Navin Chowdhry
Colin Howdle
Jonathan Keane
Daniel Ryan

Question 4:
What classis does Shrimp belong to?

Question 5: Partial drying and salting is popular for the preservation of fish like ________ and mackerel.
HerringSwordfishSea urchinShad

Question 6:
Who played Man with striped scarf the movie Seafood?
Colin Howdle
Jonathan Keane
Navin Chowdhry
Daniel Ryan

Question 7:
What kind of animal is a Prawn?

Question 8:
What period does the fossils of the Herring come from?
Silurian - Present
Middle Miocene to Present
Early Eocene to Present

Question 9:
What role did Daniel Ryan play in the movie Seafood?
Kissed man on street
Man with striped scarf

Question 10:
Who played Man in restaurant the movie Seafood?
Pas Paschali
Navin Chowdhry
Colin Howdle
Daniel Ryan


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