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Sea surface temperature: Quiz


Question 1: at 1 ________ below the sea surface) — this temperature during the day is called temperature of the warm layer.
100 megametres10 megametres1 decametreMetre

Question 2: The satellite measurement is made by sensing the ocean radiation in two or more wavelengths in the infrared part of the ________ or other parts of the spectrum which can then be empirically related to SST.
Gamma rayMicrowaveX-rayElectromagnetic spectrum

Question 3: Satellite measurements of SST are far more consistent and, in some cases, accurate than the ________ temperature measurements described above.
In situBiologyEarth sciencePlant

Question 4: The satellite measured SST provides both a synoptic view of the ocean and a high frequency of repeat views, allowing the examination of basin-wide upper ________ dynamics not possible with ships or buoys.
OceanNatural environmentEarthNature

Question 5: Sea surface temperature (SST) is the water ________ close to the surface.
TemperatureLightningThermodynamic temperatureWater vapor

Question 6: within the peak of the ________ expected from the earth, and
Electromagnetic radiationGamma rayThermal radiationNuclear fusion

Question 7: Since the 1980s ________ have been increasingly utilized to measure SST and have provided an enormous leap in our ability to view the spatial and temporal variation in SST.
NASASpace RaceGeocentric orbitSatellite

Question 8: The earliest technique for measuring SST was dipping a ________ into a bucket of water that was manually drawn from the sea surface.
Hot air ovenEudiometerThermometerAutoclave


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