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Sea serpent: Quiz


Question 1:
Where does Sea serpent come from?
Great Britain
United States

Question 2: It has a series of humps or a crest on the spine like a ________'s or grey whale's.
Sperm whaleKiller whaleCetaceaFin whale

Question 3: Sea serpents were known to sea-faring cultures in the Mediterranean and Near East, appearing in both mythology (the Babylonian Labbu) and in apparent eye-witness accounts (________'s Historia Animalium).
PlatoBertrand RussellAristotleEmpiricism

Question 4: Sea serpent sightings on the coast of ________, are documented beginning in 1638.
Midwestern United StatesSouthern United StatesNortheastern United StatesNew England

Question 5: Mareš, Svět tajemných zvířat, ________, 1997

Question 6: Marine Saurian: A 50-60 foot crocodile, or crocodile-like animal (________, Pliosaur, etc)

Question 7: What does the following picture show?

  The "Great Sea Serpent" according to Hans Egede.
  Albert Koch's 114-foot long "Hydrarchos" fossil skeleton from 1845. It was found to be an assembled collection of bones from at least five fossil specimens of Basilosaurus.
  Sea serpent reported by Hans Egede, Bishop of Greenland, in 1734. Henry Lee suggested the giant squid as an explanation.

Question 8: Some cryptozoologists have suggested that the sea serpents are relict plesiosaurs, mosasaurs or other Mesozoic marine reptiles, an idea often associated with lake monsters such as the ________.
Dobhar-chúYetiBigfootLoch Ness Monster

Question 9: What does the following picture show?

  Maned sea serpent from Bishop Erik Pontoppidan's 1755 work Natural History of Norway.
  Olaus Magnus's Sea Orm, 1555
  A curiously hairy sea serpent.
  The sea serpent spotted by the crew of HMS Daedalus in 1848.

Question 10: Better known today are the Biblical references to ________ and Rahab, from the Hebrew Tanakh.


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