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Question 1: Only at the ________-Triassic boundary ~250 million years ago was long-term sea level lower than today.
PermianGeologic time scaleCarboniferousPermian–Triassic extinction event

Question 2: However, the largest known example of marine flooding was when the Atlantic breached the Strait of Gibraltar at the end of the ________ about 5.2 million years ago.
Geologic time scalePaleocene–Eocene Thermal MaximumMediterranean SeaMessinian salinity crisis

Question 3: Melting of the Greenland ice sheet would produce 7.2 m of sea-level rise, and melting of the ________ would produce 61.1 m of sea level rise.
Current sea level riseAntarcticaWest Antarctic Ice SheetAntarctic ice sheet

Question 4: ________ then appears at sea level and extends deeper below sea level polewards.
TundraPalsaPermafrostActive layer

Question 5: To a first approximation, the same amount of water appeared to return to the ocean in ________ and from ice melting at the edges.
AntarcticaAtlantic OceanCanadaIceberg

Question 6: During the glacial/interglacial cycles over the past few million years, sea level has varied by somewhat more than a hundred ________.
1 decametre100 megametres10 megametresMetre

Question 7: Sea level has changed over ________.
CalendarJulian calendarGeologic time scaleGregorian calendar

Question 8: Surveying of water retention by soil absorption and by reservoirs outright ("impoundment") at just under the volume of ________ agreed with a dam-building peak in the 1930s-1970s timespan.
Great LakesLake SuperiorLake HuronLake Michigan

Question 9: The two primary influences are temperature (because the volume of water depends on temperature), and the mass of water locked up on land and sea as ________ in rivers, lakes, glaciers, polar ice caps, and sea ice.
FreshwaterEarthWater resourcesAcid rain

Question 10: While the Mediterranean was forming during the past 100 million years, the average ocean level was generally 200 ________ above current levels.
1 decametre10 megametresMetre100 megametres


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