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Question 1: The sexes in sea anemones are separate for some species while some are ________.
IntersexualitySexual differentiationHermaphroditeBiology

Question 2:
What phylum does Sea anemone belong to?

Question 3:
What classis does Sea anemone belong to?

Question 4: The poison is a mix of ________, including neurotoxins, which paralyzes the prey and allows it to be moved to the mouth for digestion inside the gastrovascular cavity.

Question 5: The rock band ________ repeat the refrain "A sea anemone, you're my enemy" in their song "Stranded".
Anthology (Alien Ant Farm album)Truant (album)Smooth CriminalAlien Ant Farm

Question 6: In the Pixar movie ________, clownfish Nemo and Marlin live in a sea anemone.
Finding NemoThe IncrediblesRatatouille (film)Toy Story

Question 7: Sea anemones in a "mini-reef" ________
Marine aquariumReef safeFreshwater aquariumFishkeeping

Question 8: Sea anemone at the ________
Cabrillo Marine AquariumChaffee Zoological GardensBirch AquariumMonterey Bay Aquarium

Question 9: Sea anemones are a group of water dwelling, predatory animals of the order Actiniaria; they are named after the ________, a terrestrial flower.
Anemone coronariaRanunculaceaeAnemoneFlowering plant

Question 10: Colonial anemones attached to black coral from ________.
East TimorMaldivesPhilippinesPapua New Guinea

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