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Question 1: 440 BC) in his Histories and ________ in his poem of exile Epistulae ex Ponto, and archaeologically from the exquisite goldwork found in Scythian burial mounds in Ukraine and Southern Russia.
OvidHeroidesRoman EmpireMetamorphoses

Question 2: Recent digs[citation needed](see:Gelonus) in ________ near Poltava (Ukraine) have uncovered a "vast city", with the largest area of any city in the world at that time.
StryiBelzLviv OblastLviv

Question 3: A high degree of cultural ________ pervades the findings, however.

Question 4: The Old Persians used another name for the Scythians, namely ________, which perhaps derived from the Iranian verbal root sak- "to go, to roam", i.e.
Aria (satrapy)SakaArachosiaMedes

Question 5: Scholars generally classify the ________ as a member of the Eastern Iranian languages.
Scythian languagesOssetic languagePersian languageKhotanese language

Question 6: Some legends of the Picts; the Gaels; the Hungarians; Serbs and ________ (among others) also include mention of Scythian origins.
Croatian national costumeCroatiaCroatian languageCroats

Question 7: In the aftermath of this defeat, the Celts seem to have displaced the Scythians from the ________, while in south Russia a kindred tribe, the Sarmatians, gradually overwhelmed them.
Eastern EuropeEuropeWestern EuropeBalkans

Question 8: Ethnographically extremely useful as well, the gold depicts Scythian men as bearded, long-haired ________.
Caucasian raceBlack peopleAryan raceWhite people

Question 9: ________ may have first applied the term to them during the Siege of Constantinople (860).
Photios I of ConstantinopleMichael IIIEast–West SchismOrthodox Church

Question 10: Analysis of the HV1 sequence obtained from a male Scytho-Siberian's remains at the Kizil site in the ________ revealed the individual possessed the N1a maternal lineage.
TuvaAltai RepublicChuvashiaSakha Republic


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