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Question 1: to avoid regulation by the ________ (FDA), which defines non-air gas mixtures intended to prevent or treat diseases as "drugs".
New Drug ApplicationDrug developmentFood and Drug Administration (United States)Pharmacovigilance

Question 2: An excess of tubes and connections passing through the water tend to decrease diving performance by causing ________ drag in swimming.
ViscosityFluid dynamicsSurface tensionFluid mechanics

Question 3: Normalair is a firm that is now part of the Honeywell Corporation based in ________ (UK).

Question 4: Its regulator's first stage and second stage had to be separated to avoid the Cousteau-Gagnan ________, which protected the double-hose scuba.
PatentSoftware patentPatent infringementPatent application

Question 5: ________ and television news often describe open circuit scuba wrongly as "oxygen" equipment, probably by false analogy to airplane pilots' oxygen cylinders.
News mediaDefamationNewspaperMedia bias

Question 6: SCAMP (Supercritical Air Mobility Pack) is an out-of-water liquid-air open-circuit breathing set designed by ________ by adapting space suit technology.
Human spaceflightNASASpace explorationSpace Race

Question 7: When the diver carries many diving cylinders, especially those made of steel, lack of ________ becomes a problem.
Surface tensionFluid staticsBuoyancyForce

Question 8: Other jobs out of water, e.g., ________ in a confined space
WeldingGas tungsten arc weldingGas metal arc weldingArc welding

Question 9: The harnesses of many diving rebreathers made by ________ included a large back-sheet of strong reinforced rubber.
Augustus SiebeLondonSiebe GormanFrogman

Question 10: The word SCUBA was originally an ________ for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.
AbbreviationEnglish languageAcronym and initialismUnited States

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