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Question 1: American Canadian Underwater Certifications (ACUC) (formerly Association of Canadian Underwater Councils) – originated in ________ in 1969 and expanded internationally in 1984
United KingdomBarbadosUnited StatesCanada

Question 2: The open circuit systems were developed after Cousteau had a number of incidents of ________ using a rebreather system, in which exhaled air is reprocessed to remove carbon dioxide.
Mercury poisoningCarbon monoxide poisoningOxygen toxicityLead poisoning

Question 3: [3] Ignoring other forces such as water currents and swimming, the diver's overall ________ determines whether he ascends or descends.
Fluid staticsBuoyancySurface tensionPhysics

Question 4: Most people begin though recreational diving, which is performed purely for enjoyment and has a number of distinct technical disciplines to increase interest underwater, such as ________, wreck diving, ice diving and deep diving.
Cave divingScuba divingScuba setRebreather

Question 5: The most commonly used mixture is Enriched Air Nitrox, which is air with extra oxygen, often with 32% or 36% oxygen, and thus less nitrogen, reducing the likelihood of ________.
BarotraumaDecompression sicknessOxygen toxicityAir embolism

Question 6: Because the nitrogen in the system is kept to a minimum, decompressing is much less complicated than traditional ________ systems and, as a result, divers can stay down longer.
RebreatherDiving hazards and precautionsScuba divingScuba set

Question 7: Water conducts ________ from the diver 25 times[15] better than air, which can lead to hypothermia even in mild water temperatures.
EntropyEnergyInternal energyHeat

Question 8: The downward force on the diver is the ________ of the diver and his equipment minus the weight of the same volume of the liquid that he is displacing; if the result is negative, that force is upwards.
MassWeightEarth's gravityPound-force

Question 9: It has become acceptable to refer to "________" or "scuba apparatus"—examples of the linguistic RAS syndrome.
RebreatherScuba divingDiving hazards and precautionsScuba set

Question 10: In all but the warmest waters, divers need the thermal insulation provided by wetsuits or ________.
Diving suitDry suitRebreatherBreathing gas


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