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Scrying: Quiz


Question 1: In the television show ________ the main characters use crystals suspended over maps to scry for people.
Charmed (season 4)Charmed (season 1)Shannen DohertyCharmed

Question 2: As of 2009, the ________, a sensory deprivation experiment inspired by scrying, provides the best known evidence for psi abilities in the laboratory.
Ganzfeld experimentExtrasensory perceptionPsychicPrecognition

Question 3: Smith claimed to have discovered these ancient stones by aid of an angel along with the ________.
First VisionJoseph Smith, Jr.Golden platesOliver Cowdery

Question 4: Two stones, believed to be Urim and Thummims but referred to as "interpreters" are mentioned in the ________.
ChristianityJoseph Smith, Jr.Historical authenticity of the Book of MormonBook of Mormon

Question 5: ________, the founder of Mormonism and the Latter Day Saint movement, used magical stones (referred to in Mormonism as "seer stones") for various purposes.
Joseph Smith, Jr.Brigham YoungSidney RigdonHyrum Smith

Question 6: Depending on the culture and practice, the visions that come when one stares into the media are thought to come from ________, spirits, the psychic mind, the devil, or the subconscious.

Question 7: This is different from other forms because it just shows location and not a picture, which leads many people to call this practice ________.

Question 8: There was, however, a chance that they would see the skull-face of the ________ instead; this meant, of course, that they were destined to die before they married.
AfterlifeDeath (personification)Biblical canonHeaven

Question 9: Nevertheless, like other aspects of divination and ________, scrying is not supported by mainstream science as a method of predicting the future or otherwise seeing events that are not physically observable.
ClairvoyanceExtrasensory perceptionParapsychologyPsychokinesis

Question 10: Scrying through magical stones was a common practice in Smith's early 19th century ________, and was practiced by several respected leaders at the time.
Southern United StatesNew EnglandNortheastern United StatesMidwestern United States


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