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Question 1:

Question 2:

Question 3: In humans and some other mammals, the base of the scrotum becomes covered with curly pubic hairs at ________.
Prenatal developmentPubertyPregnancySexual differentiation

Question 4: ________: may cause redness, burning, swelling, and itching of the entire scrotum.
Atopic dermatitisUrticariaSystemic lupus erythematosusContact dermatitis

Question 5: For human beings, the temperature should be one or two degrees Celsius below ________ (37 degrees Celsius or 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit); higher temperatures may be damaging to sperm count.
Normal human body temperatureHypothermiaThermoregulationFever

Question 6: ________  (Urethral crest/Seminal colliculus/Prostatic utricle/Ejaculatory duct, Prostatic sinus/Prostatic ducts)
Reproductive systemProstatePenisSeminal vesicle

Question 7: Some mammals--________ and marine mammals, for example--do keep their testes within the abdomen and there may be mechanisms to prevent this inadvertent emptying.
ElephantAsian ElephantHippopotamusLion

Question 8: In some male ________ the scrotum (also referred to as the cod) is a protuberance of skin and muscle containing the testicles.
PrimateEven-toed ungulateMammal classificationMammal

Question 9: It is an extension of the abdomen, and is located between the ________ and anus.
BreastRectumPenisReproductive system

Question 10: The function of the scrotum appears to be to keep the testes at a ________ slightly lower than that of the rest of the body.
Thermodynamic temperatureLightningWater vaporTemperature

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