Scripture: Quiz

Question 1: Scriptures are religious texts, the truth of which is received by believers based on faith or ________, in that faith is belief in the trustworthiness of a written/spoken idea that has not been proven.

Question 2: The Holy Bible (________), both testaments.
Douay-Rheims BibleGeneva BibleRevised Standard VersionAuthorized King James Version

Question 3: Scripture is that text of literature deemed authoritative for establishing instructions within any of a number of specific religious traditions, especially the ________.
ChristianityJesusAbrahamic religionsIslam

Question 4: Investigations by scholars of ________ determine the different reasoning that lies behind why various traditions determine some writings to be scripture and others not.
Comparative religionHinduismBuddhismAbrahamic religions

Question 5: As such, the term scripture is more specific than religious text, which scholars apply even to ________ and ritual texts from ancient religions, where records of their authority (or heresy) have not survived.
MythologyGreek mythologyReligion and mythologyMyth and ritual

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