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Scramble for Africa: Quiz


Question 1: Some of them, claiming themselves of ________'s thought, advocated expansion in the Philippines and in Timor; others proposed to set themselves in Formosa (modern Taiwan), etc.
Henry Charles CareyMercantilismJean-Baptiste SayFriedrich List

Question 2: ________ (now part of South Africa)
South African RepublicWinburgOrange Free StateTransvaal

Question 3: In November 1911 a convention was signed under which Germany accepted France's position in Morocco in return for territory in the French Equatorial African colony of ________ (now the Republic of the Congo).
Equatorial GuineaGabonDemocratic Republic of the CongoRepublic of the Congo

Question 4: This led to the 1905 Algeciras Conference, in which France's influence on Morocco was compensated by the exchange of others territories, and then to the 1911 ________.
Scramble for AfricaGreat powerAgadir CrisisFashoda Incident

Question 5: The shares were snapped up by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, ________, who sought to give his country practical control in the management of this strategic waterway.
Benjamin DisraeliHarold MacmillanStanley BaldwinBonar Law

Question 6: ________ (AOF) was founded in 1895, and French Equatorial Africa (AEF) in 1910.
French West AfricaFrench DahomeyFrench colonial empireIndigénat

Question 7: By the end of the 19th century, Europeans had charted the Nile from its source, traced the courses of the Niger, Congo and ________, and realized the vast resources of Africa.
Limpopo RiverZambeziPungwe RiverSave River (Africa)

Question 8: Thus, the conquest of territories were inevitably followed by public displays of the ________ for scientific and leisure purposes.
AfricaIndigenous peoples by geographic regionsIndigenous peoplesEurope

Question 9: In terms of surface area occupied, the French were the marginal victors but much of their territory consisted of the sparsely-populated ________.
DesertThar DesertSaharaAntarctica

Question 10: The vast interior – between the gold- and diamond-rich Southern Africa and ________, had, however, key strategic value in securing the flow of overseas trade.


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