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Scottish Episcopal Church: Quiz


Question 1: The official recognition of George III on the death of ________ in 1788, removed the chief bar to progress.
Scottish EnlightenmentCharles Edward StuartDemocracyCharles de Secondat, baron de Montesquieu

Question 2: ________ conducted the first Christian mission to what is now southern Scotland.
Scotland in the High Middle AgesRoman Catholicism in ScotlandScottish peopleSaint Ninian

Question 3: As an Episcopal denomination, the church is governed by bishops, which differentiates it from the national ________, which is Presbyterian and governed by elders.
Scottish Episcopal ChurchChurch of ScotlandScottish ReformationHistory of Scotland

Question 4: He visited the pagan king Bridei, king of Fortriu, at his base in ________, winning the king's respect and Columba subsequently played a major role in the politics of that country.

Question 5: Since the 17th century, it has enjoyed an identity distinct from the presbyterian ________.
Scottish ReformationScottish Episcopal ChurchChurch of ScotlandHistory of Scotland

Question 6: The ________ came into general use at start of the reign of William and Mary.
BishopCatholicismBook of Common PrayerAnglicanism

Question 7: Each diocese has one or more (in the case of some united dioceses) ________.
CathedralCatholic ChurchBishopPrimate (religion)

Question 8:
Scottish Episcopal Church, The New Church and Church of the Brethren are all:
Christianity in Scotland Anglican organizations established in the 18th century Protestant denominations, unions, and movements established in the 18th century Anglican Communion church bodies

Question 9: The senior ________ of a Scottish Episcopal cathedral is styled as provost (as the title of 'dean' is given to the senior priest of the diocese as a whole, see above).
LutheranismBishopPriestLiturgical book

Question 10: However, there is a sense in which he did not leave his native people, as the Irish ________ had been colonising the west coast of Scotland for some time.
GaelsGaelic IrelandScotiCelts


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