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Scottish English: Quiz


Question 1: In areas where Scottish Gaelic was spoken until relatively recently (such as ________ and Galloway), velarization may be absent.
DumfriesWigtownDumfries and GallowayUnited Kingdom

Question 2:
Which of the following titles did Scottish English have?
Royal Navy Receiving Ship in Hong Kong
Elections in New South Wales
Speech example
Magnetic North

Question 3: In colloquial speech, the ________ may be an allophone of /t/ after a vowel, as in [ˈbʌʔər].
Voiceless glottal fricativePalatal approximantVelar nasalGlottal stop

Question 4: ________ and North American English:
English language in EnglandWest Country dialectsYorkshire dialectScouse

Question 5: As with ________, /r/ may be an alveolar approximant ([ɹ], although it is also common that a speaker will use an alveolar tap [ɾ].
Received PronunciationWest/Central Canadian EnglishGeneral AmericanEnglish language

Question 6: [10] Furthermore, the process was also influenced by interdialectal forms, ________ and spelling pronunciations.
HypercorrectionEnglish languageSwedish languageGerman language

Question 7: Contrast ________, which has Aren't I? but no contracted declarative form.
Yorkshire dialectEnglish language in EnglandScouseWest Country dialects

Question 8: Examples of culturally specific items are caber, ________, teuchter, ned and landward for rural; It's your shot for "It's your turn".
HaggisScotlandRobert BurnsSausage

Question 9: Less common is use of the ________ [r] (hereafter, <r> will be used to denote any rhotic consonant).
Voiceless labiodental fricativeAlveolar trillAlveolar tapVoiceless velar plosive

Question 10: Scottish Corpus of Texts & Speech - ________ corpus of Scots and Scottish English
FilmMultimediaThe artsElectronic media


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