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Question 1: In the ________, they stand guard outside the gates of the sun god Shamash at the mountains of Mashu.
EnkiduDeluge mythAga of KishEpic of Gilgamesh

Question 2: Scorpion men are featured in several ________ myths, including the Enûma Elish and the Babylonian version of the Epic of Gilgamesh.
Egyptian ArabicAramaic languageAkkadian languageArabic language

Question 3: This relief was the basis for the Scorpion Man figurine that is #55 in the ________ series.
CryptozoologyMothmanMonster in My PocketSerpent (symbolism)

Question 4: They were first created by the ________ in order to wage war against the younger gods for the betrayal of her mate Apsu.
EnkiTiamatMesopotamian mythologyAbzu

Question 5: Scorpion men feature as powerful myth units for the Egyptians in the game ________.
Age of Empires IIIAge of MythologyAge of Mythology: The TitansAge of Empires (video game)

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