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Question 1: Scorpions can only digest food in a liquid form; any solid matter (fur, ________, etc) is disposed of by the scorpion.
Small shelly faunaSpongeArthropodExoskeleton

Question 2:
What role did Jérôme Le Banner play in the videomovie Scorpion?
Steve Woods
John Drake
Gordon Thomas

Question 3:
Who played John Drake the videomovie Scorpion?
R. Eric Huxley
Jérôme Le Banner
Francis Renaud
Marc Butcher

Question 4:
Who played Gifford Leese the videomovie Scorpion?
Don Murray
Marc Butcher
Don Murray
Clovis Cornillac

Question 5:
What role did Don Murray play in the videomovie Scorpion?
Gifford Leese
De Boers
Gordon Thomas

Question 6:
Who played Neal G. Koch the videomovie Scorpion?
Marc Butcher
Clovis Cornillac
John Anderson
Tony Mpoudja

Question 7:
Who played Dexter/KGB Colonel the videomovie Scorpion?
R. Eric Huxley
Marc Butcher
Tony Mpoudja
Clovis Cornillac

Question 8:
What role did Clovis Cornillac play in the videomovie Scorpion?
Sheriff Ken Wong
Sam Douglas
Gordon Thomas

Question 9:
What kind of animal is a Scorpion?

Question 10: Scorpions have a relatively unique style of eating using chelicerae, small claw-like structures that protrude from the mouth that are unique to the ________ among arthropods.

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