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Question 1: A ________ scoreboard will at the minimum display the time left in the period and both team's scores.
Ice hockeyOlympic GamesNational Basketball AssociationBasketball

Question 2: Until recently radio transmission was subject to short range and interference by other ________ sources.
MicrowaveRadioRadio broadcastingAmateur radio

Question 3: An ________ scoreboard will at the minimum display the time left (in North America) or played (in Europe), the number of goals scored by each team as well as any penalties currently being served.
Canada men's national ice hockey teamIce hockey at the Olympic GamesIce hockeyIce Hockey World Championships

Question 4: ________ last many times as long as light bulbs, are not subject to breakage, and are much more efficient at converting electrical energy to light.
LED lampFluorescent lampLight-emitting diodeGas-discharge lamp

Question 5: ________ scoreboards may include a horn to signal the end of a quarter, but they are not used in larger venues.
Arena footballGridiron footballAmerican footballTouch football (American)

Question 6: For ________ the scoreboard will at the minimum show both team scores, as well as the current inning.
Baseball awardsTown ballBaseballSoftball

Question 7: The time display is most often in hundredths of a second, though ________ may also be utilized.
Orders of magnitude (data)Orders of magnitude (numbers)Orders of magnitude (energy)Orders of magnitude (length)

Question 8: Similar to ________, a softball scoreboard will at the minimum show both team scores and the current inning.
Olympic GamesTown ballBaseballBaseball awards

Question 9: In these, digits are often composed of large dot-matrix or seven-segment displays made of incandescent bulbs, ________, or electromechanical flip segments.
LED lampGas-discharge lampLight-emitting diodeFluorescent lamp

Question 10: In both the United States and ________ codes, the minimum details displayed are the time and score of both teams.
Touch football (American)Arena footballGridiron footballCanadian football


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