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Scordatura: Quiz


Question 1: In ________, slide guitarists use open tunings, in which the open strings are tuned to the notes of a chord, to form chords with the slide.
BluesAfrican-American Civil Rights Movement (1896–1954)African-American Civil Rights Movement (1955–1968)Jazz

Question 2: Scordatura is commonly used on the fiddle in folk music of ________, the southern United States and Scandinavia.
VirginiaTennesseeAppalachiaAppalachian Mountains

Question 3: Pioneering heavy metal band ________ popularized C standard tuning in the early seventies.
Tony IommiBlack SabbathCozy PowellOzzy Osbourne

Question 4: ________'s A Haunted Landscape has a bass drone that requires a bassist to tune his C extension down to a B.
Arizona State UniversityPrepared pianoGeorge CrumbString quartet

Question 5: H.I.F. Biber's "Rosary Sonatas" for ________ and continuo (c.
Playing the violinViolinMusical styles (violin)Cello

Question 6: In the original version of ________’s opera Tito Manlio Servilia’s aria ‘Tu dormi in tante pene’ also contains an elaborate part for viola d'amore written in scordatura
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartAntonio VivaldiVeniceBaroque music

Question 7: This is to allow the bass to be heard better over the piano or ________.
TimpaniOrchestraClassical musicThe Planets

Question 8: Guitarist ________ originally employed C-tuning due to his injured fingertips, and subsequently found it more appropriate for the band's dark and heavy bass-driven sound.
Bill Ward (musician)Geezer ButlerTony IommiBlack Sabbath

Question 9: ________, Concerto in A Major for two Violins, TWV 43:7
Georg Philipp TelemannBaroque musicGeorge Frideric HandelJohann Sebastian Bach

Question 10: Mahler, scordatura ________ soloist in the 2nd movement of his 4th Symphony.
CelloPlaying the violinViolinMusical styles (violin)


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