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Question 1: However, the story that they salted the earth is ________.
New TestamentBibleBiblical canonApocrypha

Question 2: The Chinese ________ destroyed dams and levees in an attempt to flood the land to slow down the advancement of Japanese soldiers.
National Revolutionary ArmyChiang Kai-shekChinese Civil WarSecond Sino-Japanese War

Question 3: The second case shows actual military value: during the "Great Gallic War" the ________ under Vercingetorix planned to lure the Roman armies into Gaul and then trap and obliterate them.

Question 4: In 1868, Tūhoe sheltered the Māori leader ________, and for this were subjected to a scorched earth policy, in which their crops and buildings were destroyed and their people of fighting age were captured.
Te KootiNgāi TūhoeIwiTe Kooti's War

Question 5: In 1945, ________ ordered his minister of armaments Albert Speer to carry out a nationwide scorched earth policy, in what became known as the Nero Order.
Nazi GermanyNazi PartySchutzstaffelAdolf Hitler

Question 6: During the ________ in 218-202 BC, the Carthaginians used this method while storming through Italy.
Roman RepublicThird Punic WarSecond Punic WarPunic Wars

Question 7: The Greek general Xenophon records in his Anabasis that the ________ burned their crops and food supplies as they withdrew before the advance of the Ten Thousand.
Armenian languageArmenian diasporaArmeniansArmenian Apostolic Church

Question 8: During the Great Northern War, Russia scorched earth in the way of Swedish king ________'s forces.
Charles XII of SwedenGustav III of SwedenAdolf Frederick of SwedenCharles XI of Sweden

Question 9: The Greek mercenary general Memnon suggested to the Persian ________ the use of the scorched earth policy against Alexander as he moved into Asia Minor.
Achaemenid EmpireAchaemenid AssyriaMedesSatrap

Question 10: In the ________ war of independence, the Jujuy Exodus, led by Manuel Belgrano, also used a scorched earth strategy.
ArgentinaBuenos AiresChileBrazil

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