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Sclerophyll: Quiz


Question 1: The leaves are hard due to ________, which prevents wilting and allows plants to grow even when there isn't enough phosphorus for substantial new cell growth.
LigninBacteriaCell wallFungus

Question 2: Common plants include the Proteaceae (Grevilleas, Banksias and Hakeas), tea-trees, ________, Boronias, and the Eucalypts.
South AfricaAlbiziaAcaciaFabaceae

Question 3: Most areas of the Australian continent able to support woody plants are occupied by sclerophyll communities as ________, savannas or heathlands.
ForestTreeTemperate broadleaf and mixed forestsOld-growth forest

Question 4: The most common sclerophyll communities in Australia are savannas dominated by grasses with an overstorey of Eucalypts and ________.
AcaciaFabaceaeSouth AfricaAlbizia

Question 5: They are also prominent in the Mediterranean forests, woodlands, and scrub biome that covers the ________, Californian woodlands, Chilean Matorral, and the Cape Province of South Africa.
Cape Floristic RegionCircumboreal RegionMediterranean BasinPhytochorion

Question 6: Deep weathering of the crust over many millions of years leached chemicals out of the rock, leaving Australian soils deficient in nutrients, particularly ________.

Question 7: Sclerophyll ________ cover a much smaller area of the continent, being restricted to relatively high rainfall locations.
Old-growth forestTreeForestTemperate broadleaf and mixed forests


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