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Question 1: A sclerite (Greek skleros meaning "________") is a hardened body part.
Young's modulusSolidHardnessYield (engineering)

Question 2: One specialized usage is to describe hollow calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate or calcium phosphate plates grown as body armor by a number of Early ________ animals.
Geologic time scaleCambrianDevonianCambrian explosion

Question 3: The term is used in various branches of biology for various structures including hardened portions of sponges, but it is most commonly used for the hardened portions of ________ exoskeletons.

Question 4: Unlike sponge spicules, Early ________ sclerites appear to be external armor rather than internal structural elements.
Geologic time scaleCambrianDevonianCambrian explosion

Question 5: It has been suggested that the sclerites of the ________ Wiwaxia are homologous with the bristles of annelid worms (Butterfield 1990).
DevonianGeologic time scaleCambrianCambrian explosion


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