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Question 1: Today, almost all aircraft designed to fly much above 450 mph (700 km/h) use a ________.
B-47 StratojetSwept wingFighter aircraftF-104 Starfighter

Question 2: This powerful form of drag exhibits sudden onset, and it led to the concept of a ________ when it was first encountered in the 1940s.
Land speed recordSound barrierLand speed record for rail vehiclesFlight airspeed record

Question 3: The reason is that all propellers lose efficiency at high speed, due to an effect known as wave drag that occurs just below ________ speeds.
Theodore von KármánSupersonicAerodynamicsSound barrier

Question 4: In the 1940s, ________ started researching propellers with similar sweep.
NASANational Advisory Committee for AeronauticsSpace RaceSpace Shuttle

Question 5: ________ have a fairly narrow sweet spot at speeds below about 450 mph.

Question 6: Typically scimitar propellers are constructed of lightweight or ________.
Carbon fiber-reinforced polymerFiber reinforced concretePolyesterComposite material

Question 7: In static and air tests on a modified ________, propfans reached a 30% improvement.
Douglas DC-8Boeing 717McDonnell Douglas MD-80McDonnell Douglas DC-9

Question 8: Propfan engines use contra-rotating scimitar propellers to achieve turboprop efficiency levels at high subsonic air speeds comparable to that of ________.
TurbojetTurboshaftGlass cockpitTurbofan


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