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Question 1: ________ - featured article that explains how that controversial Act still plays a prominent role in the Church of Scientology's campaign against psychiatry
XenuAlaska Mental Health Enabling ActBrain-Washing (book)Citizens Commission on Human Rights

Question 2: [7] In Hubbard's ten-volume series ________, various characters debate the methods and validity of psychology.
Final BlackoutL. Ron HubbardMission EarthBattlefield Earth (novel)

Question 3: Hubbard came to believe that psychiatrists were behind a worldwide conspiracy to attack Scientology and create a "world government" run by psychiatrists on behalf of the ________:
Soviet UnionJoseph StalinEast GermanyRussia

Question 4: They are members of the ________ and other higher financial circles.
European Central BankGreater LondonBank of EnglandPound sterling

Question 5: His position has attracted considerable criticism from psychiatrists, physicians (________ and National Mental Health Association),[21][22][23][24] and individuals suffering from depression.
American Psychiatric AssociationPsychiatryAnti-psychiatryPsychotherapy

Question 6: The Church teaches a "Space Opera" history of the universe to Scientologists graded at the level of ________ and above.
MEST (Scientology)Operating ThetanSupernatural abilities in Scientology doctrineXenu

Question 7: Critics of Scientology have pointed out that Hubbard asked in 1947 for psychiatric care,[35] and that the ________ found after his death that Hubbard had been injected with the antihistamine tranquilizer Vistaril.
CoronerOntarioCanadaBritish Columbia

Question 8: Scientology has promoted psychiatry-related conspiracy theories, including that psychiatrists were behind the ________[43] and that September 11 was caused by psychiatrists.
Operation StormSrebrenica massacreYugoslav WarsBosnian War

Question 9: [16] By comparison, the ________ and the American Psychological Association, which are composed of psychiatrists and psychologists, have 38,000 and 148,000 members respectively.
American Psychiatric AssociationPsychotherapyPsychiatryAnti-psychiatry

Question 10: When ________, a Church of Scientology campaign to purge unfavorable records about Scientology and its founder L.
Kendrick MoxonMary Sue HubbardOperation Snow WhiteScientology controversies

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