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Scientific pitch notation: Quiz


Question 1: Scientific pitch notation is a logarithmic ________ scale.
SoundWaveFrequencyElectromagnetic radiation

Question 2: For example, a d′ played on a B ________ is actually a C4 in scientific pitch notation.
CornetTrumpetTromboneBrass instrument

Question 3: The notation is sometimes used in the context of meantone temperament, and does not always assume ________ nor the standard concert A of 440 Hz; this is particularly the case in connection with earlier music.
Bohlen–Pierce scalePitch classJust intonationEqual temperament

Question 4: For example, ________ software and hardware often uses C5 or C3 to represent middle C (note 60).
Bus (computing)EIA-422Universal Serial BusMusical Instrument Digital Interface

Question 5: Scientific pitch notation is one of several methods that name the ________ of the standard Western chromatic scale by combining a letter-name, accidentals, and a number identifying the pitch's octave.
Musical notationSemitoneTonalityNote


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