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Scientific method: Quiz


Question 1: Scientific quantities are often characterized by their ________ which can later be described in terms of conventional physical units when communicating the work.
Units of measurementMetric systemConversion of unitsSystems of measurement

Question 2: For example, ________, measured in amperes, may be operationally defined in terms of the mass of silver deposited in a certain time on an electrode in an electrochemical device that is described in some detail.
Magnetic fieldElectric chargeMaxwell's equationsElectric current

Question 3: [1] A scientific method consists of the collection of ________ through observation and experimentation, and the formulation and testing of hypotheses.
Statistical graphicsDataCorrelation and dependenceStatistics

Question 4: In his book ________ he argues that scientific progress is not the result of applying any particular method.
Karl PopperThomas HobbesImre LakatosPaul Feyerabend

Question 5: ________
Software engineeringComputer scienceProgramming paradigmComputer programming

Question 6: Empiricism seems to have been formalized by ________, who believed that universal truths could be reached via induction.
Willard Van Orman QuineBertrand RussellPlatoAristotle

Question 7: Measurements demand the use of ________ of relevant quantities.
PragmatismOperational definitionPhenomenalismArtificial intelligence

Question 8: These ideas were skipped over by ________ with, "I do not define time, space, place and motion, as being well known to all.
PlatoRené DescartesImmanuel KantIsaac Newton

Question 9: In his 1958 book, Personal Knowledge, chemist and philosopher ________ (1891-1976) criticized the common view that the scientific method is purely objective and generates objective knowledge.
HungaryFriedrich von HayekMichael PolanyiBudapest

Question 10: Here [12] is an annotated example of this scientific method example titled "Microbial Genes in the ________: Lateral Transfer or Gene Loss?".
Y chromosomeChromosomeHuman geneticsHuman genome

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