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Question 1: More recently, the ________ prevented mass famine over the last thirty years.
AgricultureGreen RevolutionNorman BorlaugFood security

Question 2: ________ have a comparable function, but since they usually do it for profit, the goals, methods and justifications are very different.
BusinessCompanies lawCorporationCorporate law

Question 3: The most extreme success story is doubtless the ________ (that developed nuclear weapons).
World War IIManhattan ProjectAerial warfareTechnology during World War II

Question 4: A classic example of a monumental science program that led to a practical outcome is the ________.
Aerial warfareTechnology during World War IIWorld War IIManhattan Project

Question 5: An example of a monumental science program that produces unexpected practical outcome is the ________.
HeliumLaserX-rayLaser applications

Question 6: The project members believed that failure would result in their enslavement or destruction by ________.
Axis powersNazi GermanyAdolf HitlerNazism

Question 7: In the U.S., this function is performed by ________.
Defense Human Resources ActivityNational Security AgencyDARPADefense Contract Audit Agency

Question 8: The Japanese fifth generation computer systems project met every technological goal, but failed to produce commercially-important ________.
Artificial intelligenceDaniel DennettRené DescartesKarl Popper

Question 9: Science policy for business is usually called ________.
SwedenEuropean UnionResearch and developmentJapan

Question 10: The perfect example is ________ research, which is well-supported.

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