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Question 1: [1] In 1953, ________ described the "Western" as one of the three types of science fiction.
An Inspector CallsEnglish JourneyThe Good CompanionsJ. B. Priestley

Question 2: ________, Japanese anime, has a manga of the same name.
PhilippinesTrigunAnimaxUnited States

Question 3: Iron West by ________ [5]
Doug TenNapelEarthworm Jim 2CatscratchGear (Image Comics)

Question 4: The Dark Tower series by ________
'Salem's LotEverything's EventualStephen KingThe Stand

Question 5: The Beast Master (and Hosteen Storm series) by ________
Science fictionAndre NortonC. J. CherryhLin Carter

Question 6: A science fiction Western is a work of fiction which has elements of ________ in a Western setting.
CyberpunkScience fiction fandomAlternate historyScience fiction

Question 7: ________ included many episodes with science-fiction elements.
Dr. LovelessThe Wild Wild WestCasino Royale (novel)CBS

Question 8: The ________ technology of these stories is present because scientific paradigms occurred earlier in history but are implemented via industrial elements present at that time, or because technology is brought from another time or place.
Italy2000s (decade)AnachronismUnited States

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