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Question 1: ________ is the "community of the literature of ideas...
Science fiction conventionScience fiction fanzineFanFiction.NetScience fiction fandom

Question 2: The best known fanzine (or "'zine") today is ________, edited by David Langford, winner of numerous Hugo awards.
Ender's GameFaster-than-lightTime travelAnsible

Question 3: The works of ________ also helped define both the science fiction and the horror genres.
Edgar Allan PoeE. T. A. HoffmannWilliam BlakeJohann Wolfgang von Goethe

Question 4: Satirical novels with fantastic settings such as Gulliver's Travels by ________ may be considered speculative fiction.
Drapier's LettersJonathan SwiftJohn ArbuthnotPoetry

Question 5: [36] Star Wars helped spark a new interest in ________,[37] focusing more on story and character than on scientific accuracy.
Planetary romanceSpace operaScience fictionNew Wave (science fiction)

Question 6: [citation needed] This latter work is considered by ________[28] and Isaac Asimov[citation needed] to be the first science fiction story.
Cosmos: A Personal VoyageCarl SaganNASACosmos (book)

Question 7: The pioneer of this subgenre is generally recognized to be Edward E. (Doc) Smith, with his Skylark and ________ series.
Fantasy PressHyperspace (science fiction)Lensman seriesE. E. Smith

Question 8: ________ used the term "sci-fi" at UCLA in 1954.
Science fiction fandomForrest J AckermanRay BradburyScience fiction

Question 9: [72] According to ________, "Science fiction and mystery have a great deal in common.
Alternate historyIsaac AsimovRobert J. SawyerScience fiction on television

Question 10: ________'s detailed explorations of alien life and complex scientific challenges influenced a generation of writers.
C. J. CherryhScience fictionNorwesconAlternate history

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