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Schwingen: Quiz


Question 1: In the last third of the 19th century, memorable Schwing festivals and a lively activity of educated ________ teachers brought Schwingen to the big cities.
GymnasticsArtistic gymnasticsBalance beamNadia Comăneci

Question 2: The match is judged by three ________, one of whom stands in the ring.
Association footballRefereeBowlsIce hockey

Question 3: A picture from the 13th century (in the ________ of Lausanne) shows the typical way of gripping the opponent.
Catholic ChurchCathedralBishopPrimate (religion)

Question 4: In central Switzerland and in the ________, mainly on the northern rim of the Alps, the Hosenlupf (literally: "trouser lifting") was common in public festivities.
BernGenevaFribourgSwiss plateau

Question 5: 2004 (20-22 August), ________: Jörg Abderhalden
LucerneBernSwitzerlandSt. Gallen

Question 6: 2007 (24-26 August), ________: Jörg Abderhalden
AarauChurBernSt. Gallen

Question 7: The two opponents wear short pants made of ________ over their clothes.

Question 8: Schwingen (German Swinging), also known as Swiss wrestling and Hoselupf (German trouser lifting), is a folk wrestling style native to ________.


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