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Question 1: This ship and its story is seemingly one of the inspirations for the setting events in Tardi's graphic novel, Le démon des glaces ("The Demon of Ice"), ________.

Question 2: The crew of the Hope buried the bodies at sea, and Brighton passed the account on to the Admiralty in ________.

Question 3: The last port of call had been ________.
Buenos AiresMexico CityCallaoLima

Question 4:
Schooner Jenny, Vela Incident and Unidentified flying object are all:
Mysteries Shipwrecks in the Southern Ocean 1823 in Antarctica 1840 in Antarctica

Question 5:
Schooner Jenny, USS Enterprise (1799) and Globe (whaleship) are all:
1823 in Antarctica Shipwrecks in the Southern Ocean 1840 in Antarctica Maritime incidents in 1823

Question 6:
Schooner Jenny, Steamship Lexington and HMS Buffalo (1813) are all:
1840 in Antarctica 1823 in Antarctica Mysteries Maritime incidents in 1840

Question 7: According to the account, the ghost ship was discovered by Captain Brighton of the whaler Hope on September 22, 1840, after having been locked in the ________ for 17 years.
IceSnowWaterPrecipitation (meteorology)

Question 8:
Schooner Jenny, Ady Gil and Endurance (1912 ship) are all:
Mysteries Maritime incidents in 1840 1823 in Antarctica Shipwrecks in the Southern Ocean

Question 9: Australian poet ________ wrote about the story in her poem "The Ship of Ice" published in her book The Ship of Ice with other poems in 1948, which won the Sydney Morning Herald award for poetry that year.
John TranterA. D. HopeRosemary DobsonDouglas Stewart

Question 10: another inspiration could be the vessel Octavius or (less possible) the strange case of ________.
Benjamin BriggsMary CelesteAtlantic OceanUnited States


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