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School corporal punishment: Quiz


Question 1: These are largely, but by no means exclusively, Christian ________ or fundamentalist schools.
EvangelicalismEcumenismProtestant ReformationChristianity

Question 2: The ________ banned this type of brutality in schools in 2000, and 17 out of 28 states claim to apply the ban, though enforcement is lax.
Supreme Court of IndiaGovernment of IndiaChief Justice of IndiaAdministrative divisions of India

Question 3: [81] In two of these states, New Jersey[82] and ________,[83] it is illegal in private schools as well.

Question 4: In 1867 ________ became the first U.S.
DelawareNew JerseyPennsylvaniaMassachusetts

Question 5: It is still used to a significant (though declining)[84] degree in some public schools in ________, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas.

Question 6: The ________ ban in 2009 was signed into law by Governor Ted Strickland on 17 July 2009, and enforcement of the ban began on 15 October 2009.
New JerseyMichiganIndianaOhio

Question 7: In the ________ there is currently no legal prohibition.
Darwin, Northern TerritoryAustraliaNorthern TerritoryWestern Australia

Question 8: Many schools in Singapore and ________ use caning (for boys) as a routine official punishment for misconduct, as also some African countries.
BruneiPapua New GuineaPhilippinesMalaysia

Question 9: In Australia, corporal punishment is banned by law in all schools in the ________,[36] New South Wales,[37] and Tasmania.
Western AustraliaVictoria (Australia)Australian Capital TerritoryNorthern Territory

Question 10: [2] However, some schools in ________ had been using the strap up until the ban in 2004.
CanadaBritish ColumbiaAlbertaQuebec

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